Creating data-heavy web services
to drive your business

From understanding and refining business needs, all the way to a working product tailored to your users' needs.

And if you just want to talk about Clojure, you're most welcome to reach out to me. The Clojurians Slack is probably the best place because I'm always there during my day hours.

Recent Work

Ensemble audio annotation


A private platform that allows its users to upload and analyze musical data and lets musicians collaboratively curate content for the Chet ear training game and the Ella sight singing training app.

PheLiGe SNP data table


A web-service that provides access to publicly available results from human genetic association studies. By serving information and tools for investigation of (regional) genotype-phenotype associations across phenome, this service aims to provide a researcher with an insight into biological function affected by variation in question, to help formulating aetiologic hypothesis and inform functional studies.

GWAS Archive main data table

GWAS Archive

A service that facilitates standard annotation, documentation, quality, accessibility, and durability of GWAS results.